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Maple Butter
This delicious spread contains nothing but pure maple syrup.

Acadian Maple Wild Blueberry Syrup 250ml


Maple Butter is 100% maple syrup however there is a lot of maple syrup in the bottle of maple butter. The maple syrup has to be boiled down to take out a lot more water and then it has to be cooled quickly to form a very fine sugar crystal. At that point it has to be beaten until it turns colour and becomes creamy in texture.


This soft smooth spread is incredible on toast, crackers, bagels or as a fantastic glaze on poultry, ham, salmon and quickbreads.

Maple butter offers a very unique and rich taste to coffee, hot rum / whisky totties, steamed vegetables, ice cream and oatmeal.

Use pure maple butter at your next fondue party for a delicious fresh fruit dip.

Spread on a warm chocolate cake, pure maple butter will be the secret ingredient to please all your dessert guests.


Size: 160g glass bottles.

12 bottles per case.

Shipped direct from Nova Scotia, Canada to DJM Central Warehouse.

2 year shelf life, no refrigeration required if unopened.