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Organic Maple Syrup
Savour the tradition of a delicious natural food, hundreds of years in the making

Acadian Maple Organic Maple Syrup


100% pure maple syrup from Canada.

Delicious, distinct and healthy.

Graded, inspected and processed by qualified personnel in an SQF HACCP certified facility.

Maple syrup is free of additives and colouring.

Pure maple syrup contains amino acids, proteins, organic acids and vitamins.

Maple syrup is only made in the Northeastern region of North America.

Made solely from the concentration of maple sap in the maple tree.


Size: 250ml/330g glass bottles. 12 bottles per case (7.3kg) / 132 cases per pallet. Medium and Amber.

Size: 500ml and 1L plastic jugs. Medium.

Shipped direct from Nova Scotia, Canada to DJM Central Warehouse.

3 year shelf life, no refrigeration required if unopened.