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Wild Rice in Minutes

Floating Leaf Brown & Wild Rice with Portobello Mushrooms

Health Benefits

  • Gluten Free
  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Good source of fibre
  • Source if Iron and fibre - factor in red blood formation


  • Organic, pure Canadian Sprouted Wild Rice

Cooking instructions

    1. Combine 1.5 cups (approx. 100 g Floating Leaf wild rice with 2 cups (approx. 500 mL) of water in a large saucepan.
    2. Stir briefly to fully submerge the rice in water.
    3. Cover and bring to gentle boil on medium heat.
    4. Time for 10-12 minutes.
    5. Turn off heat and leave the saucepan on heat source depending on desired texture.
    6. Drain excess water.
    7. Serve or season and serve.
  • To Prepare in rice cooker please follow cookers instructions and use same water ratios. Add more water if needed to reach desired texture.
    * Substitute water for broth/stock for enhanced flavour.

Cooking time

  • 10 minutes stove top with boiling water.
  • 30 minutes by just adding boiling water.
  • 90 minutes by just adding cold water.

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Nutrition Label

Floating Leaf Brown & Wild Rice with Portobello Mushrooms Nutrition Label

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