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mini Franks pork light
With a reduced content of fat, calories and sodium but rich in flavour, also perfect for those consumers more careful to wellness and shape.

Morgante mini Franks pork light

100% pork


Over several generations, the Morgante family has developed, refined and perfected the original recipe, so that its name has become associated with high quality frankfurters. All Morgante frankfurters are made from pork. As a further guarantee of quality, in preparing the product, neither mechanically separated nor anatomically poor cuts of meat are used.

GMO Free


A genetically modified organism (GMO) is a living being which has modified genetic origins. GMOs are used primarily in the food industry and in agriculture in order to improve productivity, but the level of knowledge reached on the subject is not yet able to provide sure answers concerning possible risks to human health and the environment. Morgante has chosen not to use GMO ingredients in any of its products.

Gluten Free


The last few years have seen a large spread of permanent intolerance to gluten found in foods, known as coeliac disease. Morgante‘ sensitivity towards health issues has meant that gluten has been excluded from the company's list of ingredients for a while, and since 2007 all cured meats produced have been included in the Italian Celiac Association's (A.I.C.) Food Handbook.

No Dairy


Dairy products are used to give the product a softer texture. However, the number of people who have become lactose intolerant, or rather, who are unable to metabolise and absorb it and suffer consequent upsets, is on the increase. As a result Morgante has cut down its use to a minimum.

No Added Polyphosphates


Phosphates are inorganic compounds that can be used as additives in meats to act as stabilizers. In large doses they can remove calcium from the body. For this reason they are rarely found amongst our ingredients.

No Monosodium Glutamate


Monosodium glutamate, salt of glutamic acid, is an amino acid naturally present in food. As well as naturally present, it is also used in the processing of some typical foods as a flavour enhancer. It is not added in our frankfurters.



Microwave ovens vary – the following is a guide only.
Partially peel back the film lid, heat on full power for 30 seconds, remove from microwave, hold the film lid back down and lightly shake taking care not to spill the product, return to microwave and heat on full power for further 30 seconds.
Remove from microwave and allow to stand for 10 seconds before serving or eating directly from pot.


Put the Mini Frankfurters in boiling water for 4 minutes.
Drain and serve.

Packed 18 x 100g