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Pure Wild Blueberry Juice
There's only one ingredient in Van Dyk's Pure Wild Blueberry Juice: Grade A, Nova Scotia-grown wild blueberries. No sweeteners, preservatives, or additives - just 100% blueberries.

Van Dyk's Blueberry Juice

What makes our juice unique? It only contains one ingredient: Canada Grade "A" wild Nova Scotia blueberries. No fillers, sweeteners, or preservatives are added - ever. Van Dyk's is 100% natural, 100% pure, and 100% delicious.

Van Dyk worked for years with respected agricultural scientists to develop a proprietary process for creating a tasty, nutritious, and wholesome juice for you and your family to enjoy. The process results in quality, purity and taste unlike any other juice.

Van Dyk's wild blueberry juice fits perfectly into a modern family's life because it's an easy, delicious, and dependable way to add the goodness of blueberries to your family's daily routine. And since a daily serving costs less than a cup of coffee, healthy eating is easier and more affordable than you'd think.

Drink a cold glass with breakfast, mix it with other natural fruit juices or add to carbonated water for a refreshing spritzer, or pour a splash in your smoothie.